Wedding Gown Cleaning

The Gown Cleaning Process The preservation of your gown involves a two-part process. The first is the cleaning process and second is the packing of gown in the Golden Box. To ensure that your gown is preserved for years to come, have your gown professionally cleaned and preserved soon after your wedding. If you leave it in the closet or bag without cleaning, the stains can set in and become much more difficult and/or impossible to remove. Let us explain how we take care of your gown.

  1. We thoroughly inspect your gown for stains, wear and tear, age, oxidation, etc. Beads and other trims are tested for cleanability. Minor rips and tears are repaired, with your permission.
  2. The gown is carefully and expertly pre-spotted and spot cleaned.
  3. It is then individually cleaned in virgin solvent in a high solvent level for a brief period of 2 or 3 minutes (or wet cleaned as necessary).
  4. It is then briefly extracted and air dried.
  5. It is once again checked and skillfully post-spotted, if necessary.

The gown is then pressed and carefully packaged in the acid-free box along with other accessories.

During the wet cleaning or dry cleaning process, some beading, trims, or appliqués, etc. which are glued or stitched may become loose. The fabric texture and size may be affected because of the nature of the fabric, trimming, etc. We take every care and process it with utmost care but if the material, beads etc are affected, we will make every effort to correct it. However, we offer item replacement services at a nominal cost, if necessary.

When garments/clothing are hand made or custom made, such items may shrink if the fabric was not properly preshrunk before they were tailored/stitched.

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How to send the Gown
To send us the gown, please complete the following form and enclose it with the gown. I will contact you to discuss the details after I receive it. I will not do anything until we both agree on work to be done, time, price, shipping etc.