Wedding Gown Preservation

What Is Wedding Gown Preservation?
Gown Preservation is a two-part process. The first is cleaning (described earlier). The second is to preserve the gown in a special box designed to preserve the garments up to 200 years. Read the box manufacturer’s certificate. The preservation process deals with removing stains, fixing torn or loose areas, cleaning, pressing, touching up and finally packaging it carefully in the Golden Box to preserve your memories for a lifetime.

Gown Preservation Box-The Golden Gown Preservation Box

By using this type of storage material, museums are hoping to extend the life of a garment up to 200 years. You have chosen nothing less than the best for your beautiful gown.

In gown preservation we use a completely archival box which is acid-free and sulfur-free. Multi-layered construction helps lock out moisture, mildew, moths, dirt and dust. Since the future storage conditions could cause volatile and migrating acids to form, calcium carbonate and alkaline buffers have been added to the paper board to alleviate this deterioration. In addition, lignin, a natural adhesive found in trees, has been removed because of its acidic properties.

The box is hand-assembled and it contains

  • A bosom form, which is acid-free.
  • The tissue used is also acid-free.
  • A crystal clear viewing window.
  • An interior photo holder.
  • A beautiful and attractive metallized gold laminated exterior
  • A protective double-sided shipping case with shrink wrap

In a study by museum conservators to find out what causes the fabric deterioration (yellowing, brown spots, staining, streaking, friability, etc.) it was discovered that the box had become highly acidic, causing the degradation of the paper and its consequent discoloration. The yellowing, browning, and streaking of the paper was staining the textiles when it came in contact with it, as well as acidifying the textiles themselves. Therefore, to overcome the problem, the box was made acid-free and buffered to keep it that way. The manufacturing process exceeds the standards set out by International Association of Precious Fabric Preservers.

The Preservation Certificate – Warranty

The warranty covers the original gown which was cleaned and processed. The warranty belongs to the original owner of the gown and/or her heirs or assignees for 30 years from the date of work completed. The warranty covers any damage, discoloration or damage to fabrics or trims resulting from our process provided the gown is not worn and the gown in the box is not kept in extreme temperatures or humidity such as an attic or basement. However, you could open the box (unseal the box) to inspect the gown. Opening the box does not void the warranty.

The following is the pledge from Keystone, the manufacturer of the Golden Box:

Personal Service and Assurance

This is a very personal service on a very important garment – YOUR GOWN. Therefore, I, the owner Jayesh Khatri, take it personally upon myself to ensure that all my customers are completely satisfied after the work is done. Since you are going to deal with me personally, I will give special attention to your gown. There are no ifs and or buts. You have my word that there will be no middleman handling your gown.