Wedding Gown Restoration

What Is Gown Restoration? or How is Gown Restoration done?

A gown restoration or restoration of an old garment involves treating the garment to remove yellowness or brownish coloration of the garment. The yellowing of a gown is basically an oxidation process, which occurs over the years when the garment is not stored in a safe container. The restoration process involves removing stubborn stains, like food, grease, grass, lipstick, etc. The gown is then treated to safely remove the discoloration. The gown is dried and re-spotted to remove any remaining stains. We then press, form-finish and restore the original shape and fullness of the gown. We have an excellent success rate of removing yellow stains and other discolorations. Click here to see some gown pictures.

Caution!!!  Remember, your bridal gown has adorned you on a very special day and it has a very special significance. If it is handled improperly by somebody to save $50 – $100 and damaged in the process, you have saved nothing — you have LOST YOUR GOWN.   Is saving a few bucks worth losing your gown?

Click here to see some gown pictures.

This is Gown Restoration

Gown restoration - happy customer
Christening gown restoration - before restoration

Before Restoration

100 Year Old Christening Gown Restoration

Christening Gown After Restoration

After Restoration

100 Year Old Christening Gown Restoration

We have restored many more Wedding Gowns, Christening Gowns, blankets Uniforms etc. Just call or bring in your garment….. to restore.

We have Restored Gowns as old as 150 years!!!